Getting Started

LSDCommerce is Simple WordPress Ecommerce, we used this plugin, in our plugin store.

Understanding LSDCommerce

First thing first we separate LSDCommerce by Accessing, its public for public and guest accessing, and admin, for administrator website, it will include settings and any configuration for the store.

  • LSDCommerce
    • Store (it’s all about the store )
    • Appearance ( all about style and theme )
    • Notification ( all about notification )
      • Email Default LSDCommerce
    • Shipping ( we separate shipping by type of product )
      • Digital Shipping ( Email )
      • Physical Shipping ( RajaOngkir Starter )
    • Payments ( we Accept all payment by ID )
    • Settings ( general settings )
  • Order ( all about order stuff )
  • Products ( all about managing product )

to understanding LSDCommerce, you should understand any functionality in the admin side, and you will understand how the public side made, its based configuration in the admin side.


The public side it’s about display your store, like listing product, add to cart, checkout, form, shipping, and many other things require for the public side. and display it to the customer.

  • Store Main ( display all your product )
  • Detail Product ( display detail product, like price, stock, etc )
  • Checkout ( get customer data, display shipping available, calculating order and display payment )
  • Finish ( show order received, and instruction )
  • Notification via Email
  • Shortcodes


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